5 Massive On-Chain Insights You Can Get Using Alphanomics PRO

From finding the Top DEX Traders with great realized PnL of every token to peeking into the strategies, holdings and on-chain activities of Smart Whales. Alphanomics PRO offers massive edge in your crypto investment research. 


When it comes to crypto trading and investing, knowledge is power. The more you understand the market and data, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions. And understanding the market involves a lot of different things. From technical analysis of price charts to social sentiment analysis and a lot more in between.


One of the most valuable sources of information in crypto is on-chain data, and leveraging it correctly can lead to 100x investment opportunities. With Alphanomics, an intelligence platform that simplifies blockchain on-chain activities to provide real-time, cleaned, and curated insights, you will be leveraging this data in the most powerful way.


In this blog, we’ll explore the Top 5 on-chain insights you can access using Alphanomics PRO and how they can supercharge your crypto alpha research.

1. Top DEX Traders

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are privy to a wealth of on-chain data. From the volume of trades for any token to the top traders with the great realized PnL. But navigating all this raw data can be challenging, but Alphanomics PRO makes it easier. With the “Top DEX Traders” tab in Token Genius, you can explore the leading traders who actively engage with DEXs. These individuals possess significant investment expertise and have demonstrated their savvy in navigating the crypto market.


Alphanomics PRO provides invaluable insights into their trading activities, including realized profit and loss (P&L), return on investment (ROI), number of trades, and more. By monitoring these traders and even bookmarking their wallets, you can stay updated on their moves, potentially mirroring their strategies or building your investment thesis accordingly.

Top DEX Traders Data on Alpahnomics PRO
Top DEX Traders on Alpahnomics PRO

2. Top Accumulators

Accumulation is a key indicator of bullish sentiment in the crypto market. Alphanomics PRO’s “Top Accumulators” tab in Token Genius showcases wallets that have actively accumulated or purchased tokens and continue to hold them. This information can be a goldmine for your research, as it reveals the wallets that have a significant stake in a particular token. You can also monitor the last accumulation date and amount to get more immediate insights.



By tracking these wallets, you can gain insights into the market sentiment surrounding specific tokens. Additionally, you can explore the portfolios of these accumulators to see if they align with your investment goals. Setting up alerts on the movements of these accumulator wallets and taking a more data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions in a volatile market.

Top Accumulators data on Alphanomics PRO
Top Accumulators on Alphanomics PRO

3. Smart Whales and Smart Holdings

Understanding smart whale activity is essential for staying informed about market dynamics. Alphanomics PRO’s “Smart Whales” tab provides real-time insights into the DEX transactions conducted by these influential players. You can track their actions, such as:

  • – buy /sell /swap transactions
  • – total asset values
  • – trade timing
  • – specific tokens they are trading
  • – blockchain where transactions occur


Smart holdings are another critical metric that offers a comprehensive view of token holdings maintained by smart whales. Analyzing the percentage changes in holdings over various time frames (e.g., last 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month) can help you gauge market sentiment. Increasing holdings generally indicates bullish sentiment for that token, while decreasing holdings suggest a more bearish outlook.

Smart Whales and Holdings WP
Smart Whales and Holdings on Alphanomics PRO

4. CEX Inflow/Outflow Data

Centralized exchange (CEX) inflow and outflow data are other powerful indicators of market sentiment. Alphanomics PRO provides a “CEX Net Inflow” tab, showcasing tokens with the highest CEX inflows over different time intervals. This data can help you identify tokens that may be sold off, signalling bearish sentiment.


Conversely, the “CEX Net Outflow” tab reveals tokens with the highest CEX outflows, indicating a bullish sentiment as capital flows out fiat and into crypto assets. These insights enable you to adjust your investment strategy based on market sentiment.

Alphanomics also offers real-time CEX Inflow/Outflow transaction streams, providing detailed information about:

  • – prices
  • – tokens
  • – transfers
  • – wallet addresses


This data empowers you to investigate further and make well-informed decisions.

CEX Inflow on Alphanomics
CEX Inflow/Outflow on Alphanomics PRO

5. Perp DEX Data

For traders involved in perpetual trading, Alphanomics PRO offers an overview of the futures market’s sentiment. You can track:

  • – total volumes
  • – the number of active traders
  • – open interest for various assets.

The data is currently sourced from GMX, one of the largest decentralized Perp DEXs, with more Perp DEXs to be added soon.


Additionally, you can explore the top wallets with the biggest open positions, including collateral amounts, token names, position types (short/long), average prices, current profit and loss (PnL), and PnL percentages.


This information helps you assess market sentiment, identify potential opportunities, and refine your trading strategies.

Perp DEX Data on Alphanomics
Perp DEX Data on Alphanomics PRO

Become an Alpha Hunting PRO

In conclusion, on-chain analysis is a powerful tool for crypto investors and traders, and Alphanomics PRO takes it to the next level by providing access to these five massive on-chain insights. Leveraging on-chain data, along with good metrics and a data-driven approach, can lead to great investment opportunities.



Sign up for Alphanomics PRO today and 10x  your crypto research with real-time, curated insights. Don’t miss out on the next big 100x opportunity!