Alphanomics Roundup: A Recap of Our Progress

Eighteen months ago, we embarked on a mission to develop a next-gen intelligence platform aimed at disrupting the crypto data sector by reshaping the future of web3 data accessibility.


Eighteen months ago, we embarked on a mission to develop a next-gen intelligence platform aimed at disrupting the crypto data sector by reshaping the future of web3 data accessibility.

65,000 users later, we’re proud to continue on that mission by building a powerful platform that transforms the way people interact with crypto data.

Over half a billion people hold crypto assets but less than 1% use on-chain data due to complexities — we solve this and bridge the gap by building an intuitive intelligence platform by leveraging AI technologies.
Alphanomics provides real-time, curated and crypto insights, helping users discover new opportunities, track token trends, help with risk mitigation and make smarter trading and investment decisions.

At its core, Alphanomics transforms the vast and confusing world of blockchain transactions into a valuable tool for our users, filtering out and focusing on what truly matters without having to write a single line of code.

In recent months, our teams have worked hard to enhance the Alphanomics experience all be it we are still in beta. Through consistently trying to improve our product offering, we’ve achieved significant improvements and innovations, solidifying our commitment to giving our users a unique edge in the crypto market.

Let’s explore some key updates and highlights from our latest developments:

1. On-Chain GPT: A Game-Changer for Real-Time Insights

On-Chain GPT - Alphanomics leverages generative A.I to find alpha in the troves of transactional data.

The introduction of our AI-powered On-Chain GPT feature marks a significant milestone. This tool, free for all users, is a powerful ally in identifying tokens with substantial buy or sell activity across different time frames.

The addition of liquidity and market cap parameters empowers our AI engine to find low market cap gems, tokens that may be ripe to explode in value, providing users with a crucial advantage in their trading strategies.

2. Perp DEX Data Suite

Our newly launched Perp DEX Data Suite, an exclusive feature of Alphanomics PRO, offers comprehensive insights into the derivatives market. Currently sourcing data from GMX and eventually other major decentralized Perp DEXs.

The ability to analyze top wallets, including detailed information about their current positions, leverage and PnL, is invaluable for assessing market sentiment and fine-tuning trading strategies.
A look at our introduction of Perp DEX Data Suite - now covering GMX.

3. Product Feature Enhancements

Continuous improvement, listening to feedback and also building fundamental utility is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Following feedback from our vibrant user community, we have introduced multiple updates and enhancements to our existing features.

    1. Advanced Filtering: The addition of advanced filters has already become a key feature in many aspects of our product like CEX Inflow/Outflow, Token Genius and Live DEX Master. Users can now apply sophisticated filtering based on token name, quantity, volume, time period, etc,. to further build their trading and investment strategies.

    2. Inflow/Outflow Visualizations: Additionally, we have introduced another powerful feature: the CEX Net Inflow/Outflow. We now offer dynamic visualizations that provide an overview of market trends, displaying which tokens have seen major CEX activity and its respective volume. A quick glance at this can give users an idea of the current market sentiment of a particular token.
Advanced filtering/querying & enhanced visualisations to our CEX Net-flow data sets.

4. On-Chain Learn & Earn Campaign

In association with Zealy, we kicked off our On-chain Learn & Earn campaign on October 2nd to highlight our commitment to user empowerment which has turned out to be a massive success.

This campaign designed to cultivate and educate users to explore the world of on-chain analysis through Alphanomics and also be rewarded for it.
Users embark on a series of quests designed to familiarize them with comprehending on-chain data and discovering alpha. These quests encompass a variety of tasks, from specific research activities utilizing our platform to engaging in extensive webinar lectures.

The primary objective is to empower and educate individuals on the subject of crypto data and our platform.

With a reward pool of $10,000 and PRO subscription giveaway, participants are rewarded for completing quests and progressing further into the world of on-chain alpha hunting. The Alphanomics ecosystem places huge importance in both social and educational layers within our over arching future vision, this will be evident as we continue building out the platform.

5. Community Growth: Expanding Our Reach

Alphanomics isn’t just a platform; at its heart it’s a growing community network of on-chain enthusiasts, savvy investors and the millions of retail crypto users.

We are proud of the network effect we have been able to achieve with 65,000 users and a presence actively increasing across social platforms like Twitter and Discord. Growth and retention is embedded into how we are planning the next phase of alphanomics, from product development to user engagement.
On X/Twitter, we have also seen a surge in our following organically, creating a space not only for sharing updates and insights but also for engaging in meaningful conversations with our community. Our budding Discord community has grown to just under 10,000 members and has become a hub for real-time discussions, support, and feedback.

Our users are not passive participants; they are active contributors who shape the development and direction of the platform. Their insights, feedback, and experiences play a crucial role in our ongoing development process.

This user network isn’t just using Alphanomics but actively contributing to a diverse and dynamic ecosystem which in turn will unlock countless opportunities for further expansion.

A journey unfolding - Reshaping the future of web3 data accessibility.

The progression of Alphanomics has surpassed its initial conception, unfolding into something far more significant in terms of traction, utility impact, and overall vision.

Demand and interest from hedge funds, analysts and prominent brand names in the crypto/twitter space all wanting to leverage the Alphanomics platform has further validated product fit. This also underscores the rapidly evolving crypto landscape’s essential demand for reliable and superior data.

The remarkable thing in all of this?

We have barely started.

Our dedicated teams, spanning development, research, product management, and marketing, have worked tirelessly to ensure that Alphanomics isn’t just a tool, but a revolution in the next generation of web3 data accessibility.

As we continue to build and enhance our platform and ecosystem, the focus remains unwavering: to equip our users with a decisive edge in the blockchain space by reshaping the future of web3 data accessibility.

Our roadmap ahead is filled with exciting advancements and community-driven initiatives. We aim to not just keep the momentum but to accelerate it, ensuring Alphanomics becomes an indispensable part of every on-chain analyst’s arsenal and to further simplify how people engage with crypto.

A quick thank you to our own relentless team, our earliest supporters, advisors and backers.

To our current and future community, rest assured, the best of Alphanomics is yet to come.