Finding Your Next Crypto Investment by following Smart Whales

Navigating the sea of crypto data, on-chain analysis tools empower traders with pre-emptive insights into market trends, offering a competitive edge in the volatile world of crypto trading.


Picture having the ability to observe the portfolios of major hedge funds and stock traders, witnessing their real-time transactions as they expertly navigate financial markets, racking up substantial profits running into the millions.

In the traditional financial world, such a scenario remains a mere dream. However, in the world of crypto, the narrative takes a different turn.

With data flowing abundantly and transparency reigning supreme, looking into the activities of significant token holders and smart traders becomes entirely feasible. You can gain insights into how they maneuver the markets, seizing lucrative opportunities as they unfold. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into on-chain analysis, exploring how it enables us to dissect the actions of smart whales and identify promising investments for ourselves.

Who Are Smart Whales and Why Are They Important?

In crypto, “smart whales” are individuals or institutions with a substantial holding of a particular token, but they are not just any whales. These smart whales are known for their shrewd investment decisions, often being ahead of the curve in the crypto market. 


Their actions can influence market trends, making them key players in the crypto space.

Smart whales are important for several reasons:


  1. Insider Knowledge: Smart whales often have insights or information that the average investor may not possess. Their moves can signal upcoming market shifts.
  2. Market Trend Indicators: When smart whales invest in a specific project or asset, it can indicate growing market enthusiasm for that particular crypto.
  3. Early Signals: By following smart whales, you can potentially get early signals for profitable trades and investment opportunities.
  4. Pattern Recognition: Analyzing smart whale behaviour can help you understand their strategies and potentially replicate their success.

How to Follow Smart Whales for Your Own Investment

So, how can you track and follow the investment moves of these smart whales to enhance your own crypto investment strategy? 


1. Identify Smart Whales:

Use crypto analytics platforms to find smart whales with a history of profitable trades. On Alphanomics especially, the process is made easier with tags that you can use to filter the whales that you want to keep an eye on like:

     – Ethereum Millionaires

     – Arbitrum Millionaires

     – DeBank Top Wallets

     – Funds and VCs

     – And much more!

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 10.03.20 AM
Alphanomics Smart Whales


Look for those who invest in assets that are slowly gaining traction but not yet mainstream.


2. Set Up a System for Tracking:

Create a system to monitor and analyze the behaviour of these smart whales. Pay attention to factors like trade timing, types of coins they trade, risk management, and how they respond to market conditions.


Key Metrics to Track


To effectively track smart whale investments, it’s essential to focus on key metrics and set up alerts based on them. Here are crucial metrics to consider:



 1. Monitoring Transaction Activity


Tracking the transaction activity of smart whales is essential in staying informed about market dynamics. It allows you to keep a watchful eye on the frequency and volume of transactions while also identifying which tokens are being actively traded by these influential players. Sudden spikes or significant shifts in transaction patterns can serve as powerful indicators of impending market movements.

With Alphanomics’ Smart Whales Tab, you gain access to real-time insights into the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) transactions conducted by smart whales. This feature provides you with a live view of:

    – The actions taken by smart whales, including buy, sell, or swap transactions.

    – The specific tokens they are engaging with in their trades.

    – The total value of assets they are buying or selling. 

    – The precise timing of each trade.

    – The blockchain or chain on which these transactions are occurring

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 10.42.40 AM
Alphanomics Smart Whales


By closely monitoring this information, you can make more informed investment decisions and potentially capitalize on emerging market opportunities.



 2. Smart Holdings

Smart holding is another crucial metric that provides a comprehensive view of the total token holdings maintained by smart whales. It offers valuable insights into the overall portfolio changes and movements among the Smart Whale wallets.

When looking at smart holdings on Alphanomics, you can access essential data, including:

      – The total quantity and total percentage of a specific token held by smart whales.

      – Percentage changes in holdings over various time frames like:

            > Last 24 hours

            > 3 days

            > 7 days

            > 14 days 

            > 1 month

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 11.14.41 AM
Discovery Alpha - Smart Holdings


Monitoring these metrics can help interpret the overall market sentiment at a certain point.


  • – Increasing Holdings: When smart whale holdings show an upward trend, it signifies their bullish outlook on that particular token for the long term.
  • – Decreasing Holdings: Conversely, a reduction in holdings indicates a more bearish sentiment among smart whales regarding the token.

By analyzing smart holdings with these time-based perspectives, you can make informed investment decisions aligned with the prevailing market sentiment.



 3. Portfolio Holdings


Diving into the tokens held within smart whale portfolios provides valuable insights into the crypto narratives they support.


With Alphanomics’ Wallet Deep Explorer, you not only gain visibility into a whale’s token holdings but also access a wealth of additional data, including:


  • – The acquisition date of each token.
  • – The buy and sell prices, offering context on their trading decisions w.r.t the market.
  • – The wallet’s lifetime realized profit and loss (PNL), providing an indicator of their trading success.
  • – The wallet’s net worth, offering an overview of its overall value.
  • – And much more!
Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 12.33.38 PM (1)
Wallet Deep Explorer


If you align with a particular whale’s investment strategy, you can easily bookmark their wallet address and set up alerts to stay informed about their token transactions.


This enables you to track their activity, especially when they are buying or selling tokens that align with your investment goals. It’s a powerful tool to stay in sync with your chosen investment thesis.

Staying Updated With Alerts

Monitoring market trends, asset prices, broader market impacts, and especially, the actions of significant whales requires you to constantly stay alert. The faster you can discern and respond to signals from whale activities, the better your chances of making successful trades.


This is why setting up alerts is absolutely vital. With Alphanomics the process of tracking whale movements with alerts is super simplified. Here’s how it works:



  1. Set Your Criteria: Define the whale addresses you want to monitor and specify the transaction value thresholds or any other conditions of interest.

2. Stay Notified: Once a whale transaction aligns with your defined criteria, Alphanomics instantly sends you a notification through your preferred communication channel, be it Telegram, Discord, or Slack.

Smart Alerts Criteria
Smart Alerts - Notification Options

In a nutshell, setting up alerts streamlines the process of keeping an eye on whale activity, ensuring you never miss out on vital investment opportunities.

Be A Step Ahead With Smart Whale Tracking

Knowledge is a formidable asset in crypto. Having a grasp of smart whale movements provides a significant advantage. Their wallet and transaction history indicate their success in navigating these markets.

Tracking crypto whales empowers you to make well-informed investment strategies. Adding this to your research process along with other vital market indicators can help you find the next best token to invest in. With tools like Alphanomics, you can easily navigate on-chain data and cut through all the noise to focus on data that really matters.

Try it out today and find the next 100x token. Sign up here!