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PLUS+ Casual Crypto Investors


You will get the following:
  • Live DEX Master
  • Token Genius
  • Wallet Deep Explorer
  • On-Chain AI
  • Discovery Alpha Suite
  • Token Genius Pro
  • 10 Smart Alers & Watch List Tracker
  • PLUS+ Members Discord Group
  • Ad-Free
PRO Professional Crypto Investors recommended


Everything in Starter, plus:
  • On-Chain AI Advanced Insights
  • Unlocks Narrative Pulse
  • Token Genius Pro (inc Smart Money + Intel)
  • Discovery Alpha Suite (With Adv Filtering)
  • Advanced Search + CSV Downloads
  • Global Top 100 Traders Data
  • CEX Net Inflows / Outflows
  • 1000 Smart Alerts & Watch List Tracker
  • PRO Private Discord Channel
  • Priority Access to all new features & upgrades
Enterprise Sophisticated Crypto Investors / Funds


Everything in PRO and:
  • API Access
  • Research Reports
  • Protocol Metrics
  • Developer Metrics
  • Private Discord
  • Monthly Analyst Calls
  • 1-on-1 On Boarding
  • Dedicated Technical Support
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Supported and upcoming chains:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Plus or PRO Account?

We recommend the Plus or PRO accounts to those who are more serious about their research in crypto investments.  You will get access to more advanced features, alerts and updates in advance of everyone else.

Can I pay by crypto?

We will announce our method of payments shortly.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you can access our Discord channel and ask our team members for any help or questions.

Does Alphanomics trade for me?

No, it is an open intelligence platform designed to be versatile for all types of investors, traders or researchers.  Every data insight and intelligence has been designed to help make critical decisions in your portfolio or investments. 

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